How Much Does Air Quality Matter?

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has been tied to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Also, some specific diseases have been linked to specific air contaminants or indoor environments, like asthma with damp indoor environments, according to OSHA. That is true in the workplace, schools and at home. The quality of your ait matters.

I love the changes of the seasons.  Each one is unique as to the crispness of the air.  Every season has a scent to it. Spring smells like new life.  Fall, it smells like cool, loss and emptiness to me. How about the hot dry air in a summer desert or a humid summer in the wetlands?  A crisp, clean winter snow is so fresh and new. I often wonder if the smells are the same in a large city, as in the country? I know that where we live, it isn’t even the same from day to day.

Nearby, The Brandywine Valley is the mushroom capital of the world , with an annual mushroom festival.  Have you ever been around mushroom farming?  They are a necessary ingredient in the kitchen, but farming mushrooms isn’t pretty at all! Mushroom farming is a dirty, smelly business.  Growing mushrooms is literally a rotten business. Mushrooms are fungus among us, after all. There are several rotten towns around me that I love, lol.  These small towns are beautiful with beautiful people working a difficult business. Little do they know they need to consider what they breathe day in and day out.

When considering air quality, I think of several places that need addressed to ensure that our lungs and body are kept breathing free and easy.  Indoors, like homes, schools, and places of work, outdoors, considering farms, factories, and local environmental concerns, and even places we don’t think of, like our cars!

Off gassing is real.  Products in your home, like laminates, paint, carpeting and wood flooring, plastics, furniture, bedding, and water from dishwashers, washing machines, toilets, and showers all give off vapors that are harmful to breathe.  Even the clothing that you wear including pajamas are sprayed with harmful chemicals. We sleep in chemical laden beds. We breathe chemical cocktails in our showers. Don’t worry! We don’t need to be afraid or overwhelmed!  We can be powerful in our homes. There are many options I teach to my Private Community Members to help them clean up off gassing in their homes. 

 You Can Air Out Your Home For Free! 

People seem to forget this. One of my favorite, no brainer, and FREE ways to help you not breathe in noxious fumes at home is to OPEN YOUR WINDOWS, especially at night when you sleep.  Two of our textbooks teach that for longevity, one must open a window to allow a home to breathe and allow people a break from poor indoor air quality. The next nearly free thing is to have houseplants.  I’m not a green thumb, but many houseplants that require very little care can act as filters, cleaning up the air in the home.  

My FAVORITE way to clean the air in the home is to diffuse ESSENTIAL OILS.  Not only can they digest chemicals and critters in the home, they also are GREAT for your LUNGS and help you to breathe free and easy.  

Of course, I researched the entire industry for a year after a chemical burn from my “online research,” so I know that I have well qualified my essential oils with THE one and only world expert who writes the standards for them.  I have one more secret sauce way that massively cleans out even the worst of virus, bacteria, and even metals from your home. If you want to know more, schedule a 20 minute discovery call with me!

We also must consider the air quality in our schools and places of work.  Our children breathe in chemicals and even mold in the schools. Our places of work are also are laden with toxins and we even breathe the recycled air others breathe.  Have you ever had your desk next to or been trapped in the elevator with a perfume addict? How about smelling chemical laundry soaps that have hormone disruptors? Then commercial cleaning products that are used leave residue we touch and breathe.  Every solution is available to us to address this. We can have personal diffusers, go outside in the middle of the day, plants by our desk, and more!

Environmentally, we must become a voice at local municipality meetings.  We need to speak up about glyphosate being sprayed in yards and along power lines that I find in the majority of my community members.  We must speak out about water quality that affects our air quality. We must stand up for our children and push to pass laws that require environmental testing in schools so our students and teachers have a great chance at being healthy and having great brain function in school.

We all deserve to breathe well.  There are many factors to having healthy lungs and a great chance for wellness.  My son was one of the ones who struggled with breathing, as he was genetically unable to detox chemicals well.  I am so grateful that I became strengthened by information that taught me how to, as a mom, be able to use plants and diet, to help him clean up and nourish his lungs well.  I only wish that someone had helped me and warned me of keeping things away from him that would harm his health. It is now a beautiful passion to help other young moms learn the design and function of the human body and how to live optimally.

There is something coming in the air tonight, but YOU and your loved ones no longer have to be at the effect of it.  Join me in my Private Member Community or even on my Young Living Team to have close access to me so we can help you and your loved ones breathe easy in your homes, schools, places of work, and in your environment. <3

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