Do You Need a Personal Growth Plan?

Yes you do. You know the story: you alarm goes off way too early, you rush to get ready while kids are dragging, can’t find book bags and shoes, people are running out the door to work and school and not even eating a proper meal. We are wandering through life like zombies day in and day out. We don’t intend for our alarm clock and jobs to rule us, but they do. We do not intend to not grow as humans, but we stunt our own growth. A handful of us seem to “have our lives together” – it wasn’t by accident, it was planned by successful individuals. Most of us are never taught HOW to be intentional about developing themselves as a whole person, spirit, mind, and body.

So how do we become intentional people, creating our lives and futures, not allowing our world to be created from the past and not allowing life to pass us by in the mundane routines. While there can be beauty in the mundane, it is powerful when we choose to create our lives intentionally.

When I coach in corporations, I share a bullseye that I created. YOU are in the center. We tend today to do things in this life without direction and without filling up our cup. We give to our families and loved ones, to our jobs, maybe to community groups or neighbors, though fewer and fewer do this, and we become depleted and even martyrs.

We have this completely backwards.

When we realize that this life we have been given is a gift, that our very being is a gift, that we are created to love, be grateful for this life, and create the life of our dreams, we are on our way to higher living.

Years ago, I had someone tell me they could never do all I do for wellness and health. I looked at them and said, “You are exactly right!” They were stunned! I informed them that they would do what they spoke and that meant continue on a path of being unwell and unhealthy. We must practice speaking intentionally and believing what we speak. Now I am not talking a “name it, claim it” kind of thinking, but rather realizing we must create our present time from the future we want. As we think, so we are, as we speak, so it goes. We must use the electrical energy of thinking and the magnetic energy of our feelings to build our future life.

When I realized the lack of loving and investing in self that this person had, I knew I needed to create something that would make a Personal Growth Plan easy to grasp. I created a way to daily walk out health and well being that would easily become part of who we are. We can each set intentional paths to help us fill our cup and overflow to our families, friends, workplaces, communities, and the world around us. It takes a few simple habits and steps to be on this journey.

You can join me and our Private Community Members and pursue an intentionally designed life plan that will not only lift you spirit, mind, and body, but will also help you create a future that will contribute to others?

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