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I’m Julianne McElroy. I am a lifelong educator. After starting my professional life as a school teacher, I became a Certified Human Behaviorist, and  partnered with a local psychotherapist to teach life skills and relationship strategies to students. My desire and joy has always been to educate others and partner with them on their desired paths for learning.

Wellness Coaching

For individuals, families and even corporate culture, the proper structure for living and working together is essential; balancing life both at home and in the real world is important for every person and our community. I strive to show you how to use your time to focus on clearing your mind from detrimental worries and concerns to better focus on a healthier, happier and more productive you.

Since making Delaware my home, I became a student in a Naturopathic Doctoral program, to sharpen my knowledge to deliver the most helpful holistic wellness coaching and strategies to clients.

Aroma Freedom Technique

I am a certified aroma freedom technique practitioner. Stressful and traumatic events can leave physiological imprints in our bodies. Traumatic memory release technique can help release the painful memories and emotions that are stored in your body. Mending those deep emotional scars can change your life for the better, forever.

Aroma Freedom Technique uses the power of scent to guide your perceptions away from negative thoughts, feelings and memories, to create a positive awareness and attitude. Aroma Freedom Technique Immersion only takes a few hours to renew your sense of clarity, purpose, confidence and freedom.

traumatic memory release

Stressful and traumatic events leave physiological imprints in our bodies. When we talk about our memories, we usually refer to conscious memories, but human the brain is capable of encoding distinct memories in parallel for the same event- some of them explicit (conscious) and some implicit (unconscious). The goal of traumatic memory release? Memory healing and peace of mind.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential oils are natural, aromatic liquids extracted from plants through steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. Aromatic oils been used for thousands of years in cultures all across the world.

Essential oils and naturally infused supplements are a time-proven way to support a healthy lifestyle; they can help maintain physical and emotional wellness, purify your home atmosphere, and benefit spirituality. I use a selection of hundreds of Young Living essential oils and blends, along with oil-infused products with the optimal levels of specific, naturally occurring essential oil constituents to maximize their potency.

Health tips

I am a huge fan of synergy.  Grab a friend and hike outdoors, start a hobby with another friend, make a meal with a group and deliver it to those in need.  Clean with a friend and then go to their place and clean.  A happy heart with your friends is great medicine. #healthtips

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