Sleep Impacts Your Well-Being

Lack of Sleep impacted mine.
Being the caregiver for my husband who was chronically ill and dying at any moment for five year, I didn’t sleep well. The last five months of John’s life, I barely slept at all. He required more and more night care, and I would catch small windows of time where I could sleep. The last few weeks, I became less able to function. My beautiful daughters insisted on taking night duty one night each a week so I could sleep on a bed and not the couch next to John in the hospital bed. I had John on a holistic plan that kept him pain free without drugs which would have made him incoherent and would have sped up the dying process. I wanted my kids to have every moment possible with him and this required my around the clock care.

After he died. I was spent. We also had to move from one rental to the next two weeks later. I was so used to not sleeping that I was UNABLE to sleep. PTSD, after years of being a caregiver and experiencing the loss of your partner is real.

It took me some months to recognize that I was now the only parent to my children. I also realized that I wasn’t in the best of health at that point.

Sleep is Key to Being Healthy.

Yet, many don’t address it. Most of my private membership community, when they started to come see me in the Restoration Room, wasn’t experiencing optimal sleep. They are not generally educated to principles of great sleep and how it impacts their well being.

We as human beings crave order, it is how we are designed. Our very being operates on a schedule, whether we realize it or not. Daylight hours are all about energy, execution, and building of the body and its systems so we can function and thrive. Nighttime hours, the body cycles to clean up, detoxify, and remove what has been used up.

Every two hours of everyday, the body cycles through an organ. We can easily see the evidence of this in our daily lives. For example, every morning upon awakening between 5 and 7am, one should drink a glass of water and hydrate the colon to help elimination that will come after attending to the stomach. We can follow the principles of the body clock to help support optimal health. Along the same principles, we can learn what organ needs attention if we wake at particular hours in the night. The body clock is one piece of knowledge that will assist with sleep.

Sleep hygiene is also another important tool to achieve optimal sleep. Remember I mentioned that we crave routine? The evening routine should always be the same. This programs the mind and body for sleep. It is optimal to start the routine at the same time every night and be asleep before ten pm. Each person may have a different routine. I had a friend who has to wash her feet nightly. Others may brush teeth (hopefully!,) wash the face, dress for bed, read a book. Planning and executing sleep hygiene creates optimal sleep.

Consider sleeping conditions in the room as well. A few of my textbooks write of a cracked window for fresh air, sleeping on beds and linens that are not filled with chemicals, sleeping in a completely darkened room for optimal melatonin productions, and other optional sleep aids like music or an essential oil diffuser or even healthy supplements.

Addressing sleep is key to a long life.

This should be priority for each and every person who wants to thrive. Once I mastered great sleep, I was functioning clearly and was able to prioritize other areas of my wellness journey in a better way. I see this for my private membership as well.

How do YOU sleep? Has it been easy to achieve optimal sleep? Make sure you address it now and enjoy your optimal health because of it.


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