Reward Yourself With A Massage!

Studies tell us many conditions benefit from massage.  Both emotional and physical rewards occur. Conditions like anxiety, stress, anger, digestive disorders, insomnia, fibromyalgia, headaches, sports injuries, etc. receive great help from regular massage.  The bodily benefits include skin, lymph, circulatory, myofascial pain, joint pain, muscle pains, and … People also enjoy massage emotionally. We all can be carried away from the troubles of the world during a greater massage.

I am crazy about a great massage!  I find everyone has preferences concerning how they like a massage.  I personally want to know for four days after, that my muscles have been moved to high heaven.  I remember my first massage as a late teen at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania.  I was nervous, but soon gave in to sweet elation from the skillful hands of the woman at the spa.  It took several massages to note the differences in massage types and techniques, in the touch of the masseuse, and to learn how to be the ideal massage client.  I soon realized that the massage wasn’t really about pampering myself, but that it is an important tool for longevity.

I remember a remarkable massage therapist who specialized in sports medicine, physical therapy, and massage.  She used her elbows on my back like a ballerina en pointe dancing up and down my spine.  She was small, but oh so powerful.  I have had other great massages since, but am still looking for Julie’s masseuse match.

Massage is mentioned throughout the coursework of a Naturopathic Doctor.  The benefits are tremendous! I bet right now, before I start sharing, you can even think of a few.  Most people go to a masseuse for discomfort. But the healthful benefits are even more than just a relief from tight, sore muscles.

Finding a massage therapist is rather easy these days.  Ask friends, coworkers, and family who they know that is a great massage therapist.  You may ask if they are licensed, certified, or registered. Feel free to ask about their training and experience.  Explain what you are looking for or dealing with and ask how many times they feel are needed to reach the desired results.  Don’t forget to ask about the cost. Also ask what type of massage they think is needed, such as trigger point massage, deep tissue, Swedish, or a sports massage are advised for the desired results.

It’s great to prepare yourself for a massage.  Be well hydrated 24 hours before. Several holistic products like whole plant hemp that I love or topical magnesium spray that we use in our home would be helpful to have relaxed muscles that will be easy for the masseuse to manipulate.  Some great stretching techniques a few hours before can also aid the process. I prefer to bring qualified plant oils and massage oils, rather than the lesser quality most massage spas use.  Going to the appointment in comfortable clothing that is easily removed and put back on makes the process more enjoyable.
Most masseuses will have medical forms to complete. 

Some contraindications may be:

  • bleeding disorders
  • blood thinning medications
  • burns
  • deep wounds
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • fractures
  • osteoporosis
  • cancer
  • pregnancy
  • thrombocytopenia

And you should seek qualified medical help before having a massage.  I know whom I qualify for help, but that is for another post.

At the appointment I always let the masseuse know that I am a bit slow preparing for the massage.  You may undress to a comfortable level. You lie on a table and cover with a sheet.  Masseuses are excellent at being discreet and keeping the client modest. I always let the masseuse know what pressure I prefer for the massage.  I even tell if I want more pressure or less. The massage lasts anywhere from 20-90 minutes. I always feel calm, relaxed, and happy during and after a massage.  I have even fallen asleep!

When you cannot get in to have massage, and in addition to massage, there is an inexpensive tool that will move and transform your health that YOU can do at home.  Dry brushing! It is a crucial element for those who want to remain youthful and energetic. Imagine, 70% of the lymph sits right below the skin.  Dry brushing promotes

  • lymphatic drainage
  • exfoliated skin
  • unclogged pores
  • increased blood circulation
  • a detoxified body
  • cellulite elimination

Many report invigoration which means stimulation of the central nervous system.

Don’t Forget The Dry Brush!

Dry brushes are inexpensive.  I chose a palm fiber brush that was the best $6 I have spent on my health!  Almost everyday I dry brush my entire body right before I shower, in the shower, so that the exfoliation happens in the shower.  Many people believe they should brush outward extremities towards the heart starting at the feet. This is far from true! My textbooks and a lymphatic drainage expert at a well known holistic clinic teaches otherwise.

The lymph system is the part of the vascular system, immune system, tissues, and organs that transports toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials from the body.  Lymph fluid has white blood cells that fight infections. The lymph system has watersheds that are like stop gates. Dry brushing needs to follow the way the lymph flows and it must help the lymph be moved through the watersheds.  We teach our private community how to divide the body into the proper sections in order to properly move lymph, so it doesn’t clog up a watershed.

I am so happy to report that the other day, I met my friend’s cousin.  She asked about the ages of my kids. When I told her I had a 20 year old, she was stunned and exclaimed that I barely looked 30!  I’ll take it! And I know that massage and dry brushing are huge contributors, not only to show I am aging backwards, but also to how I feel and my health!

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Now, go plan massage and dry brushing for you!


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