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I love people.  They are why I do what I do.  I have been honored to work with thousands of people over the last eight years.  As my story unfolds, tragedy to triumph, the love of people and their stories connect us and fuel me.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a community member.  I have coached him in many sessions in the Restoration Room.  He wrote me of his understanding of health and how his story has impacted the understanding of health as a concept.  He finds that his belief is that emotions are the strongest influencer of health.  He is right in a sense.

The Western system chops people into parts and pieces.  As believers in a naturally designed wellness mindset that addresses the design and function of the human body, we musn’t do the same.  We are whole beings.  Every piece and part is important in influencing the healthful working of the whole being.  We don’t want to weigh one as more important than the other.  We may need to focus more heavily on one to bring it back into balance.  But the balance of the spirit, mind, and body is crucial to being well.

One Factor I See that Many Ignore is that of the Mind.

Most go through life on survival mode, not intentionally preparing, planning, or mentally practicing for being well.  (I completely understand having lived out a trauma journey in my life!)  In this “Pop Tart” society, most are looking to conveniently grab and go their health.  If that is the case, they are missing the mark!  You cannot pop a pill or drink a magic juice to health!

Using your mind is the best medicine on the planet!  Addressing the deficits and building upon some solid principles for the mind and its balance will catapult health and the whole body wellness we are looking for.  Knowing that the Western system only focuses on biology, lets look at some other science to speak to the design and function of the mind to help us know how to best support it.

The human body is made up of body systems.  These nine systems are: circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, muscular, nervous, digestive, urinary, reproductive, and skeletal systems.  What makes up these systems?  Tissues and organs.  What are tissues and organs made from?  Cells.  What are cells made up of?  Molecules.  What are molecules made from? Atoms.  What are atoms made from? Sub-atomic Particles.  Finally, these are made from ENERGY!  

If we pay attention not only to biology, but the laws relating to energy, we can have a healthier mind and therefore, body and spirit. 

  • The Body EXPERIENCES the physical world. 
  • The body is created to regenerate and self sustain. 
  • The mind creates the THOUGHTS which feed the energy patterns we experience. 

To experience the best health, we must create the thought for it to occur.  Yet, we don’t intentionally deal with what we experience in this life through a great thought pattern.  A great thought pattern increases vibrational frequency keeping us vibrating in the proper healthy range, while negative thought patterns lower our vibrational frequency lowering our wellness state.

To experience optimal health, we must have strategies in place to help our mind be well, deal with the emotions that it stores, remove blockages in the subconscious, nourish the matter, and train ourselves to keep it in a place of creating, a place of good thinking.  We have been given the ability to have great power, love, and good thinking which creates the life we see and experience.

After John died, I came to the place where I realized my children had one parent left.  While in crisis mode, I wasn’t loving myself or having great thought patterns.  I was completely living out the emotions of what I was experiencing.  I began to be intentional about my thoughts, about nourishing the mind, about believing great things for the future to come for me and my children.  I also loved myself enough to do the hard work and bring my body into balance so that I will be the best healthy parent for my children for a long time to come.  I love them.  I love the people who have come into the Restoration Room and that I have worked with virtually so they, too, learn to live powerfully, not allowing fear and the past of what they see and experience to keep them stuck in a world where they do not truly live. 

We all can be on the journey and believe and walk out with great energy, the life that is meant for us.  We don’t have to be passive and allow life to happen to us.  We can create from love the life we are meant to live.  It’s a journey, I am still on.  Won’t you join me?

This week on my YouTube Channel is my short talk on this subject “Mind Medicine“.  I also wanted to thank all of you who checked out my launch video “The 15 Basics“.  If you didn’t get a chance to see that, please check them both out. 

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It is a TREASURE knowing YOU and having met you on this journey!  I will pledge to always help YOU …


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