Meditation Is More Than Anxiety and Stress Relief

Meditation is a valuable tool on a wellness journey.  It joins together your mind, body and soul. Meditation is also a lost art.  Ancient writings tell us that we should meditate, but who actually practices it or know what that means?  Study after study tells us that the benefits of meditation are more than just helpful in reducing stress and anxiety- there are direct, physical health benefits as well.

I have been meditating for many years, and without it, know that I wouldn’t be full and able to give in the manner I do.  As a created being, I must connect with what created me (God, the Universe, etc.) in abundance and become full after being depleted from situations or people who are energy draining. Meditation brings forth positive energy.

There are many ways I like to meditate.  The more I have been given and the more I educate and coach others, the more I have to pour into myself and meditation is one tool that helps me to re-energize and reconnect to the power and energy that has me walking out this life.  

I like to go somewhere preferable quiet.  My favorite places to meditate are the beach or the woods.  There are longer meditations and shorter meditations, my favorite being a 7 minute meditation.  Everyone has 7 minutes to regroup their day. I have favorite quiet places I like to go, but that isn’t always convenient.  Sometimes I shut my closet door and meditate where kiddos cannot find me, lol.

Trips are also a great way to be intentional about meditation.  Changing your scenery can help clear out the daily things that can disrupt focus.  Anywhere we go, we can reconnect and ground ourselves in the manner that we were created to do, body, mind, and spirit.

I am always amazed at what creativity comes after mediation.  Sometimes it is immediate and sometimes it is hours or days later.  That setting of self into a place of stillness let’s us be more open to what we need to hear, who we need to become, and what we need to do.

I also LOVE group meditation.  People together who are intentionally meditating on a particular topic can really come together and connect in a way that couldn’t fully be done alone.  Meditating with a spouse or other loved ones can also be very bonding.

And yes, I meditate with essential oils.  Sometimes I use the diffuser and other times I smell them from my hands or apply topically.  I love brain focus oils like Cedarwood or Frankincense to help my mind quiet and focus. Lots of science behind these oils and brain focus!  I also like Clarity, Present Time, and Into the Future to become focused, grounded, and to be able to hear what I need to hear.

Meditation is transformational.  No longer do we need to run around like chickens, clucking our way through life.  We can live and move and improve every aspect of our being, very intentionally and powerfully, when we used this gift of meditation as a tool on our wellness journeys.  Want to be part of a virtual 7 minute meditation? Reach out for a discovery call and join us to learn how seven minutes can transform your days, weeks, months, and life!

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