Is your Water Clean? Safe? Healthy?

I remember days of drinking from my family’s well as a child.  There was nothing like turning the pump on at our picnic shelter, after running through acres and acres of woods all day, listening to the sound as the water pressure rose, and sticking our head under the faucet gulping the cool, refreshing stream.  It was a welcoming flood of icy goodness.  The innocence of childhood is certainly lost today when we think of water and what it means to have it be clean, safe, and healthy for our bodies.

I live in Hockessin, Delaware, which in 2018 was added to the EPA’s National Priorities List for contaminated water and is a Superfund site.   Reports as early as 2002 came in to the EPA for excessive contaminants.  Artesian Water Company uses the ground water wells to supply many in the community and reports estimate over 10,000 customers affected.   While there have been some reports in the local media about this, no one notified my family.  I happened upon this information because I love to network and frequent the Hockessin Business Association meetings.  But ultimately it is my responsibility to supply clean water to my family.  Why would I ever put my health into the hands of the government?  I KNOW better from experience.

The EPA tells us that in the five step water treatment process, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection, both chlorine and chloramine are used.   Long term exposure to chlorine increases free radical production in the body.  These are carcinogenic and cause great damage to the cells in the body.  The risk of developing cancer from drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than those not drinking chlorinated water.  Then when the chlorine reacts with organic matter like sweat or urine,  trichloramines are produced.  This over time destroys the cellular barrier around the lungs.  Rats exposed to chlorine and chloramines develop tumors in kidneys and intestines. 

Let’s not forget the studies by Dr. Joseph Price in the sixties linking heart disease and chlorinated water consumption.  Ask any chicken farmer if they dechlorinate the water their chickens drink based on Dr. Price’s studies.  Do we honestly think this is only about chickens?  If dechlorinated water is great for chickens, it is great for us.  

Today we should be rightfully concerned about clean and safe drinking water. 

The government and local water company’s solution to clean drinking water is to chlorinate and add other toxic cocktails in order to “clean” the water.   Chlorine and chlorination by products are clearly links to decline in human health including:

  • breast cancer
  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • skin ailments
  • scalp conditions
  • asthma
  • cellular destruction  

Consuming chlorine in anyway is always killing something in us.  The good news is that it’s easy to remove chlorine from water.  There are many other things one would want to give attention to when considering water, fluoride being another one.  Even the ADA classifies that as a neurotoxin.  It isn’t as easy to remove from water.  Considering all aspects of water usage and filtering is important.

Many who purchase countertop filters, or filters at the sink don’t realize is that it is much more damaging to breathe chemically cleaned water from showers, appliances, sinks, and toilets.  They also don’t realize that we absorb our water through skin contact.  Ask me if I want to be breathing in, absorbing through the skin, OR drinking the water in Hockessin?  On the flip side, there are now many advertised water filters being marketed, and many unknowing consumers are now drinking water that won’t hydrate them because it has been stripped of its natural goodness and structure, that isn’t truly clean, or that breaks the bank to purchase it.

I love to qualify solutions to clean water for my Private Community Members.  I have spent so many hours researching and learning from qualified experts to give my family the best of clean water.  My main guy even has a nod from NASA for his work with clean water systems.    This should be a clear priority in every home as it is life extending.  A few tips to reduce the risk of chlorine exposure in your life:

  • Don’t use chlorine in your pool.  There are many other options.  If you belong to a community pool, help the children and use something other than chlorine.  Discuss this with your pool board.
  • Use filters in sinks and showers.  Best option is a whole house filter.
  • Wash quickly with natural soap that won’t break down your skin barrier if exposed to chlorine in a pool or other water source.
  • Always drink properly purified water

Over and over again when my members come to my Restoration Room or a Transform Event, they test for pesticides and herbicides and even glyphosate in their bodies.  The most likely source is their water.  This doesn’t have to be this way.  We all prioritize things and we can find ways to make sure this happens.  The days of being carefree, drinking pure and fresh water can be yours again.  Rest in the cleanest of water for your home and invest in your health.  It will be one of the best things that you do.

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