Financial Health Affects Your Emotional and Physical Health

Financial health contributes to physical and emotional health.  When your finances are not in order, you can become easily stressed.  We often become ruled by our bills and bank accounts. One interesting thing to note is that people often sacrifice investing in themselves when finances are tight. Not good. They still continue to spend money on things that do not add value to their lives.  I’ve known people to spend much money on cars, vacations, and breeds of dog and invest nothing into their well being. There is something backwards about living like that.

Is Your Financial Health a Balanced Priority?

While financial health is an important part of life and your well being, it should never dominate every aspect of your life.  Keeping a proper balance in all aspects of life is crucial to stability and optimal living. It is amazing to think about how many are trapped in a life governed by jobs they don’t enjoy, or that don’t develop or tap their full potentials.  This all leads to stress, feelings of missing out on life, unhappiness, and mundane living. This can create physical and emotional consequences.  

My late husband was a finance guy.  He worked in that field and helped others with their finances.  He was great at it, but also became overfocused on it. He cared so much about giving us a good life that he missed that HE WAS OUR GOOD LIFE <3. He blamed himself when he became ill, for the financial avalanche that came with illness. He wanted to always give us more.  When resources had to be diverted and depleted for his well being, it ate a hole in him. A hole that he couldn’t shake.  

No one should have to suffer this fate and there are many thoughts I have on this broken disease management system we have in this nation, but that will be saved for another post.

If Finances are Overwhelming, Get Some Help

John handled our finances, and because he was sick for many years, when the time came for me to take them over, our money situation was a complete mess!  We had imploded with financial devastation, and a disaster of record keeping and a few moves that smacked me and my grief in the face. I was overcome by the boxes of files that had no order.  I needed help. Because I was in such shock from the illness and loss, my sister, Mel, came and went through the files, organizing, recording, and purging. She helped me create a folder with files that were important for accessing easily.  I could have used more of her help, but the next person stepped in and helped some more. I then came to a place where I needed to hire help.

I decided that the energy invested in my handling of my finances wasn’t worth the drain it would have on my energy for other areas in my life, like children and my Private Community Members.   I recognized that in order to be able to keep my energy high and to have the wherewithal to keep balance in my family, that I had to hand this area over to a bookkeeper. 

I also recognized that running several businesses as an entrepreneur meant I needed tax help.  I have had the most remarkable accountant handling my taxes, as he was friends with my late husband.  So I have learned in order to be more productive for myself, my family, my community and the world around me, I have had to let go of the things that would deplete me.  Finances fit this for me.

Prior to making decisions about my finances, I sought wise counsel from experts in the financial world.  Two amazing men stepped up to speak into my life. It took me a year to trust anyone, (too long; I do NOT recommend waiting,) to help me.  I looked seriously at who they were in this world and if and how they contributed to others. I looked at their success rates and spoke to others who knew them.  It wasn’t emotionally easy, but I was able to pass this over to a few, which also helps each of them as far as my trust and their accountability.

  • Stable Life
  • Stable Job
  • Stable Finances

One last piece I will mention when considering financial stability.  Each of us is unique and have gifts to bring to this world. We often get stuck in jobs that don’t match the gifts we were meant to bring into this world because of money.  There is a universe of untapped giftedness in graveyards. If your job doesn’t delight you, if it is stressful and robbing you of your health and emotions, change your situation. There is no job or salary worth losing you.   

Begin to think outside of the box and do the things, all of the things, to rescue YOU and come to a place where you are contributing from the fullness of you.  You are valuable and have much more to contribute from your giftedness than from any job where you do not get some personal satisfaction. When you align what you are created for with a career where you use it, this is where the magic happens.   

When you work from a place of love,  the finances will follow.

If you are needing help developing your financial stability and would like help so you are able to love what you do, please reach out for a discovery call.  I would like to help you use and develop your gifts to help YOU experience financial wellness to the fullest extent.

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