Morning musings from the airport! Piggybacking on yesterday’s blog and vlog posts.

My late husband took a saying very seriously,

that a man who doesn’t

provide for his family

is worse than an infidel.

It’s part of why he gave up on living when he still had time to fight to live. 😢

He saw resources, money and energy focus being used on him. 💵 It got waaaaay out of balance for 5 years.

✔️ What all men must realize as they provide financially for their families is that

YOU, yes YOU as a man, are that provision!

John chose chemo even though he had the same education as me, that it is a total scam and the books are cooked for profit. His AI was also contraindicated for chemo and we were lied to about that. His bones stopped making blood. No one ever looked for the why or root causes, except me.

He chose to do chemo because, if he died and didn’t do as doctors prescribed, we could be denied life insurance. His expertise with this field in trust work allowed him this knowledge. We all know we don’t have true medical freedom or knowledge unless we choose to educate ourselves and act accordingly.

Years of earned income were cut short if we want to consider finances, as was so important to John.

As the provider for my family now, I do know the pressure of this role. I don’t know it as an unwell person. Or someone with chemo brain. 💔

I so wish I’d have put my foot down so my kids had their dad, that I’d have said, “Let’s sell all assets and move in with xxx so we can get you well.”

All this to say, MEN,

⭐️ YOU are the provision for your family! ⭐️

YOU each are worthy and valuable as a person to each family member. Do not define your worth by your income, job, career, or position in a company.


As you align with your true value, with who you are created to be here, as there is only ONE YOU, the financials will fall into place. As you LOVE and VALUE yourself and the gift of this life and your place and role in it, you will naturally give from a place of fullness to the ones you love the most.

💖 And wives and moms,

the same goes for YOU💖

I so look forward to the day to be in that wifey role again. 😱

Until then, I will fill me with what I am designed to be filled with (reach out for that conversation or check out my blog and YouTube videos for a sneak peek,) so I prepare for that role and love my kids from that place of fullness.

Year 4 after loss is feeling great. I have a hope and a future! Keep watching and stay tuned. 🦋

And remember YOU are the provision to those you love and meant to impact those you come into contact with in your world. Imagine if we ALL lived this way and treated each other as such.

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