Emotions: In Your Head or In Your Heart?

Answer: Both!

Every Private Community Member that I meet who wants to be educated to wellness principles because they know they aren’t in the best shape of their lives has emotional baggage of some sort to come to terms with.  Most people today shove their emotions deep down inside and do not work towards emotional peace and wellness.  

It’s remarkable that there is such a disconnect in this Western world between emotional wellness and physical wellness.  It’s fascinating to me that although this has been documented and written about for centuries, that it is largely ignored.  One thing I can say for certain, if someone in my community is in a state of dis-ease, they have emotions to release. What many do not recognize is that there are tools to help process and deal with emotional well being.  They live a life, instead, governed by their emotions and attachments to their past stored in their subconscious.

Any qualified holistic practitioner worth their salt knows that mood and emotions are connected to root causes of illness.  Louise Hay, Dr. Ryke Hamer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, and oh so many more have noted the connection between failing health and the impact of stored or suppressed emotions that triggered central nervous system responses that led to states of disease in the body.  

Interestingly noted in some cases, the data has shown that particular types of emotional trauma trigger similar bodily responses in subjects.  For example, Louise Hay found that those who weren’t able to speak up for themselves often had throat issues and sore throats. Dr. Hamer, a university level oncologist, found, after extensive research on thousands of patients, that states of dis-ease are only brought on by shocks for which we are totally unprepared and that by resolving the shock, the body normalizes!  This gives new meaning to the phrase, “dealing with your baggage!”

Self Sabotage

Speaking of dealing with baggage, there are some beautiful ways to resolve emotional baggage and traumas.  Many of us have goals and dreams in our lives, yet, we don’t seem to be able to achieve them. We often get discouraged when we can’t seem to make health choices or achieve goals at work or in school.  After many times of failing to achieve over and again, we forget to DREAM any longer. This is our subconscious allowing past hurtful emotions to direct our behavior.  

When we face a risk that the subconscious recognizes as one that will possibly cause emotional pain that was caused at some point in our past, the subconscious says, “No way!  I am NOT allowing you to do this again!” So we begin to self sabotage without full knowledge or understanding as to WHY we can’t ever make these goals and visions achieved.  

Aroma Freedom Technique

Dr. Benjamin Perkus developed a fascinating tool called the Aroma Freedom Technique that combines classic psychology with essential oils, to help people release what is in the subconscious holding them back.  Dr. Perkus trained me a few summers ago. I am a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner.

Facilitating the AFT or its cousin, the Traumatic Memory Release Technique has been a delight in my life.  I get to watch people release 30 years of baggage in front of me in an hour. My last AFT, a woman was so afraid of flying that she was getting sick with IBS symptoms for a few weeks before.  We did an AFT and she remembered her trigger and breathed in particular essential oils at a particular time in the process. Within 30 minutes, she was a new person. We figured out her emotional pain in the brain that the subconscious was tapped into to keep her from experiencing it again.  It was beautiful! The stomach ache stopped immediately and her neck and shoulder tension were released. She flew that Tuesday without issues! She sent me some pictures and thanked me for my part. She did the work <3

Essential Oils

When dealing with emotional trauma, one must consider essential oils.  Collections like the Freedom Sleep and Freedom Release Kits were launched to help military personnel recover from the emotional traumas they face.  The Feelings Kit helped my family through the trauma and grief of losing my husband and the father to our children. We applied, slathered, diffused, and breathed in these beautiful trauma healing oils and still do to this day.  They helped speed up the grief process we were facing. We used a particular application method that I educate my members to to help them have better accuracy in dealing with loss, grief, and sadness.

We are whole beings.  We can no longer compartmentalism our physical body from our emotional beings.  We must consider the emotions as we pursue a wellness journey. We have mentioned a few ways to help the emotional being, but there are many more!  

What emotions do you need to consider?  What traumas do you need to release? What goals and intentions do you set and yet, do not achieve?  Schedule a 20 minute discovery call and let’s chat to see if we are a fit for each other. I would love to share space with you as you pursue a healthy emotional journey!

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