Anywhere you turn today there is an opinion on nutrition… 

I have members of my private community actually cry with me as they are so confused by what is online and what some supposed guru or expert says about nutrition and how one should eat day in and day out.  Some of these members sit in my Restoration Room and are shocked to learn that the popular guru on TV or online isn’t teaching to biological facts. 

Most teach partial truths and are shortsighted, rather than looking at a larger, long-term model of health for the body.  This leads people to a search where they like what they hear and look for what is easy and convenient for them and then they jump on the popularized bandwagons.  It is funny how these bandwagons have sales  Guru products attached to them.  We will save a supplement quality discussion for another time.

I recently had a beautiful soul come to me for private coaching.  She was so sad, discouraged, and not living healthily, not feeling her best.  She had tried everything out there to release weight, but each wasn’t following the design and function of a human mammal.  After many years and many “programs” and “die-ts,”  she was left heavier, hungrier, and more unhealthy than she had ever been.  She missed energy, enthusiasm, time with her kids, feeling well, and time with her husband. 

When she learned of my 90 pound release of weight and balancing of my body kept off for years, she began to have hope.  Fourteen weeks and THREE HOLIDAYS later, she released 48 pounds!  She sustains that to this day and knows what makes her feel satisfied, nourished, and healthy.  She ate way more than she had in years as she flooded herself with the nutrients that are best designed for the human gut.  She wears an incredible smile today and tells most everyone about it.  There is an innate knowing as you walk this out, that flooding your body with OPTIMAL nutrients, that will settle one’s body and soul.

I recently had another community member who was on a particular “die-t” for a long time.  As he became educated to the design and function of the gut of a human mammal, he realized he had put his body in crisis mode.  This led to constipation, lethargy, over stimulation of the mind and body,  overworked kidneys and pancreas, and a very acidic body.  He chose to properly monitor his pH numbers and run a hair mineral analysis.  The results were astounding.  He was in crisis mode and missing key nutrients that keep one youthful and not age them more quickly.  Some re-education and he learned how to flood his body with OPTIMAL nutrients. 

Healthy Nutrients

Nutrients that build, add life, work with the design and not against it, cause ease and rest in digestion allowing the body to use its energy to attend to other needs like self healing.  You could literally see the 35 pounds released and his youthful appearance return to him.  He won’t believe the myths out there any longer and instead chooses to flood his body with what fuels it without harming it.

So, how does one determine what adds life versus what speeds up aging?  We will state this simply, as Private Community Members get the time and attention to the education of the design and function of their guts.  Eating foods that aren’t fully digested and assimilated, as evidenced in the design and function – what happens when you eat X, or how is a human mammal digestive system designed, – will cause acidic conditions (acid ash after digestion,) and inflammation, which creates conditions for states of dis-ease in the body. 

The gut houses much of the immune system and it is repeatedly under attack by foods that will use excessive energy to attempt to process it.  The thing is, our gut makes what it needs to digest the foods that are optimal for it.  It will NEVER make what it isn’t designed to digest.  The shape, length, and composition of many other body parts also point to the design and what it is created to thrive on OPTIMALLY.

Friends, this isn’t about what you like, this isn’t about culture, this isn’t about survival, this isn’t about religion, this isn’t about rights – this is all about the evidence YOUR body shows as to what you are made to BEST digest and assimilate to fuel your body without detriment. 

Want to know more?  You, too, can learn these principles, and can allow the body to self balance based on how YOU flood it with maximum nutrients.  You can experience the energy and youthfulness for which you are made.  Reach out for a complimentary discovery call to see if you may be ready to enjoy wellness and live with ease again.  As always, I commit to help you Change Your Mind, Change Your Health, and Change Your Life.

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