15 Basics: Healthy Breathing

In your world around you, begin to observe people and their breathing. You will soon discover most of the population holds their breath or doesn’t breathe well. There is an epidemic of poor breathing with even our youth today. People now rush about, especially in this country, and never give a second thought to their breathing, until they have issues and struggles with it. This is another area of our 15 Basics that we should consider in order to have optimal health.

Many things inhibit healthful breathing:

  • stress
  • states of dis-ease in the body
  • poor posture
  • gut health
  • liver health
  • chemicals
  • lack of nutrition
  • palate shape and mouth/tooth formation
  • poor fitness 

…are all some of the major reasons people do not breathe well in this day and age.

I’m reminded of a few members of my Private Community who have struggled with breathing. One woman has had pneumonia twice a year like clockwork, same time of the year, almost to the day! A few targeted strategies designed particularly for her wellness journey and she is three years, no pneumonia. It is incredible what the body and lungs will do when one begins to walk a path that focuses on wellness, rather than what is not well in the body.

I remember telling her that much more was going right in her body than what was wrong with her body, or she wouldn’t be here! We focused on what helped the body to be able to have great breath and lung capacity and she took the knowledge and ran with it! Once she worked what she learned, she began to thrive again. This also ties back to our mindfulness post and video.

I have been in the shoes of a person who had breathing difficulties. Years ago, I was cleaning someone’s bathroom, specifically the shower, that hadn’t be cleaned in forever. With the amount of buildup and mold, I thought the more bleach, the better. YIKES! I know better now! In this case, I was in a small, confined space without ventilation, and you guessed it, had a chemical BURN to my lungs from the bleach.
I ended up needing inhalers.

The thing that I was able to notice as a person in my 20s, was that the more I used the inhalers, the more I needed my inhalers. These became a crutch that I couldn’t shake. I chose to slowly wean myself from them. It took years to recover the use of my lungs, and that was well before I knew what I know now! Imagine the thought that chemically damaged lungs would be made whole by more chemicals whose actual side effects listed include trouble breathing??!! Just nonsense! Knowing my history, I have gone to some great lengths to allow my body to self heal the lungs.

It’s important to consider many facets of breathing: what we are consuming and not consuming in our diet, stress factors, mindfulness.

Be aware of your breathing, what is your body and breath saying to you? Monitor your breathing at various times of the day and learn about what it means. Education to proper principles based on the design and function of the body plus action equals a wellness journey; exercise, rest, detoxification strategies (the breath is a huge detoxification pathway,) and any possible pathogens that I refer to as “critters.”

Don’t take breathing for granted.

Be grateful for your breath. Take time to learn your breathing patterns. Notice your deep breaths and sighs. Join our Private Community to be educated to optimal health, so you, too, master the Basics of the Breath. Seek “qualified professional guidance” when needed. Be on the wellness journey that covers all of the 15 Basics and live the optimal life. Join us on the journey and Don’t Hold Your Breath!




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