This morning in my Personal Growth time I connected with some of the pain of the horrors I saw and experienced on our five year journey with chronic illness – SJS, Lyme, Cancer.

I remember seeing things I can’t unsee.

Faces etched into my brain for life

Smells, colors, sounds….

As I age nearer to the age of my Dad’s untimely death and come to the place of remembering conditions he experienced in his body and signs of states of disease in his body, I am moved to tears and gratefulness.

I know that losing both my dad so young and John even younger must move me to make something meaningful from it.

It is my JOY to love people and help them embrace knowledge that will help them be well. I come from a family of educators. It’s in the blood. And as the daughter of an entrepreneur, finding the best to give to others has always run deep in my soul.

I cannot deny the mentorship from two experts, one found from social media and one from the demo massage chairs in Costco. It’s remarkable who they are and what they know and understand.

Standing on their shoulders helped me to help John live longer.

Today, I EMBRACE the gift of pain. I EMBRACE the horrors. May I NEVER forget. May it propel me to walk and live my purpose teaching my children to do the same.

This journey has shaped me in ways I never fathomed.

I LOVE people and never want them to experience what we have. For those who have asked for guidance and for those who are to come, I will pledge to do my best to help educate you to reach your goals and best state of living.

We are all on a journey. May we live this life to the fullest, as we are designed, believing big things for our futures, for those whose lives we influence and touch. May we love our neighbors as we wish to be loved, even if we don’t agree or if we struggle with them. May we take our pain and hold it in our hands like a gift and find a way to take something ugly and make it into something beautiful and meaningful.

I love this life. The good, the ugly, the whole thing.
It’s beautiful, fleeting, but beautiful. 💜

And stay tuned! New beginnings are underway behinds the scenes. Announcements soon!

I love you,


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