I thoroughly enjoy being an Executive Consultant. My latest client and I have much in common in the way in which we grew up. We both had fathers who were larger than life and entrepreneurial, starting their own companies. The major difference was that my dad died at 54 while her father died at 91.

I just finished traveling with that company for a major expo. I learned so much about that industry and met many of the legacy players in it. We had several meetings with long time innovators and pioneers in that industry. Walking the expo halls with my client, you could smell and feel the history as she connected with people who knew her dad. It was a pleasure having a seat at the table and discussing the future of the company.

She said to me, “You are bigtime and are going to be even bigger.”

I receive this. I’m so open heartedly embracing what is meant for me. As I approach the age my dad died this year, and nearly seven years since my late husband passed, I have been carefully examining myself and my life.

After grief, I have learned to love myself and be grateful to God for this life. I nearly lost me somewhere in the middle a few years back as some tangible ugliness tried to take me out. In January I put a stop to it all and released what wasn’t meant to be in my life.

I find myself wanting harmony and peace as I get older. I am embracing love courageously, no longer treating myself as unimportant, nor punishing myself because I wasn’t able to help my husband live.

I have non-negotiables, and I more and more apply them to all areas of my life. This is the land of the living and I have a hope and a future like never before.

In the Las Vegas airport today, a 25 year old young man, Jake, was crying on the phone to his mother next to me. I reached into my purse and handed him tissues. When he hung up I asked if he was okay and if I could help.

He began to share that he had moved there after high school for a young woman and this week he found evidence of cheating. He was heartbroken. He was going home to family. He said he wanted to die, but wasn’t suicidal.

I said I know the feeling of wanting to disappear.

I shared with him that this was the time of transformation. I handed him my favorite rock, labradorite, the stone of transformation. I said he must now learn what a gift he is, love himself and fill himself with Love and goodness, and overflow that to his family and community.

I shared with him that when he was ready, he should create his non-negotiable list, and never allow another to treat him less than.

I prayed with him. Since he desires marriage and kids, I told him, when he heals, to look for someone who is giving to others, a heart centered leader, and to volunteer in his community as it’s better to give than receive.

He kept thanking me. He said I had no idea what I did for him today. I have sons. I would want another mother caring for mine if they were in such a place.

I don’t know that I care about being big time. I do care about the Jakes in this world and about loving my neighbor in the way I want to be loved. In my family, with my precious kids, with those I love, with my neighbors, and in my community, I want to love others well.

I know it comes from that place of having a full heart so I am overflowing and not giving from an empty well. I know it comes when I release that which drains my energy to dangerous levels and depths of despair.

May I be big love in the life of those I encounter and share the love I have so freely received in this life.

And I am excited that I get to receive MORE and all of the blessings meant for me.

May you also be heart centered and receive all that is meant for you then overflow to the world around you.

I love you,


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