Low Vibrations Can Be Draining

2021 was extremely draining on me, working with low vibrational people.

No matter how much one on one time I spent with them, they just weren’t choosing to do the internal work.

As within, so without. And it showed.

For a caring, intuitive empath like me, it was sad as I wanted the transformation for them more than they did.

I saw their junk, knew their chaos, and eventually knew they were committed to their past patterns, not personal growth.

I gave a 30 day challenge, then when not one day of the thirty was embraced, I left.

This brought me to a place of a full reset.

Full reset??? It is never too late for a full reset.

Removing the toxicity, embracing the suck of the past year, and creating again.

Coming to the conclusion that I’m too young to retire, not ready to die, and still feeling full of gifts to offer this world …

I’m here.

I’m not giving up.

(and I have no idea what that means!)

I’ve decided that not everything needs to be a teachable moment or have a neatly tied bow on it. You can actually just go through sh*t sometimes and it can suck. Just saying.

I have enjoyed watching the chains fall off, putting the burdens down, and releasing the burdens others placed on me.

They were NOT mine to carry!

I am enjoying the Peace, balance, and alignment of being ME, who I have been created to be.

No one gets to take that from me. I love this life and am grateful for each breath.

And I get to create from a place of Love again. Adding value to my kids, my friends and family, entrepreneurs, business owners, business partners, and neighbors and community is a privilege and honor.

I’m in that zone of leveraging my team and network again, but this year, choosing those who embrace personal growth, those who are willing to take long, hard looks in the mirror and choose to press through, eliminate low level, low vibrational ways, and GROW!

To celebrate this, I’m going to share what I do to release and reset.

The best is, yet, to come.

I love you,


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