I am always amazed at people hurting other people.

I deal with the aftermath as a coach in my Restoration Room.

I have a new young man come for sessions as he disassociates from his pain. The trauma inflicted upon this man is unconscionable.

We can go back to the saying that “hurt people, hurt other people.” Not an excuse, but learned behavior, abuse, and trauma come out under much pressure.

I would like to say we all become diamonds under pressure, but that isn’t the case.

Taking personal responsibility if you hurt people is crucial to stopping cycles of trauma. Getting wise counsel is key. Using tools and strategies to release what was encoded onto you is essential.

I am always happy to see people like this young man who came to me, as they decide to break chains and stop cycles of trauma.

Living as close to the design and function of the human body as possible is a great choice to fuel yourself to heal from hurt. A great coach is a great tool to guide you to living as designed.

No one has to stay in their hurt.


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