I can look back on my life and see oh so many wrong decisions! Some were small, others huge.

Some of them hurt me. Some of them hurt others and myself. 😢

I’m pretty darn hard on myself, let me tell you!

There comes a place where we can beat ourselves up so much, it’s beating a dead horse! But we can move onward and upward!

Leave the past in the past and come out of a life of misery. If others have done that, so can you.

It might sound impossible, but it is so very possible! Your life is full of promise and possibilities!

Want to continue the conversation to know how I put the past in its place and look forward to win the race? (See what I did there, lol!)

I am always happy to share some tea, even virtually.

Okay, okay. I will stop the rhyming now, but you get the picture. You, too, can look ahead and set down the baggage of your past and win your prize in this race of life!

Many others have and do, so why not YOU??!!!

Yeah, I did it again 🙂 putting the past behind you brings joy, laughter, and fun again, too!

Get back in the race! I challenge you, I encourage you, I implore you! The world needs more of your awesomeness! The only way you won’t win is if you sit on the track looking behind you.

Change Your Mind

Change Your Health

Change Your Life

Love, (because it is all that matters)


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