Dalmatian Hinderlands

As I walked what seemed to be rocky barren land, I was awestruck at the thought I clearly heard, “All things new.”

The Helichrysum plant produces the most regenerative of plant oils. It will not grow without rocks that nourish it and winds that protect it from its only predator, the butterfly.

Helichrysum needs only two rains a year to be the best it can be. It endures a sun that beats down on it without mercy. In what seems the toughest of conditions, it thrives and produces what rejuvenates and restores vital life force.

It is known as Immortelle in the native language.

I couldn’t help, but think how I have been beaten down, but not destroyed by the horrific illness and death of John, the love of my life.

My heart was broken, yet it beats surely. I’ve been moved, but I was carried and placed right where I need to be for today.

I’ve been broken apart for new life to grow from the dreams that were crushed.

I choose to love, I choose to live, I choose to partner with the future I am meant to have.

I am grateful for the rocks on my path. They helped make me who I am today. I embrace the beauty of the rocks.

Wisdom knows more than I do where I need to be each day for my tomorrows. May I daily be aware of my place for such a time as this.

I planted Helichrysum today. It was a milestone for me. A marker for the new things coming. I was even not alone and blessed to hold this space with a new sister.

The ground is now fertile, new life is growing, a harvest is coming. The best of living, breathing, and growing is to come.

Join me on this wonderful journey. Let’s link elbows and do this life together. We each have much to contribute to one another.

All things new



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