Let’s talk about Forgiveness

For – With the object or purpose of
Give – to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation; bestow
Ness – exemplifying a quality or state

Someone who is forgiving shows a grace that is beyond comprehension. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that an action is excused, but it means showing grace and forgiveness to the person who offended.

It may never be possible to have a conversation that works things out or reconciles. Some actions or offenses are so horrendous that having a confrontation would only cause more harm and damage. Some situations may preclude that conversation, like in the case of a terminal illness or an elderly person or even someone who has died.

It is possible to forgive without that conversation. Forgiveness has so much more to do with the offended finding peace than bestowing grace to the offender.

Grace and peace come to the offended when they say to themselves, “I no longer choose to carry the pain from your actions.” This is forgiveness at the core. A “bless and release” you might say.

I’ve had to be forgiven numerous times. It’s is my goal to seek peace with all when possible.

I’ve had to forgive others as well. I don’t want to carry the pain from other’s actions as that will hinder the beautiful abundant life I am meant to have.

My Daddy used to say, “Never let another person’s actions direct your behavior.” In forgiveness does just that. It causes a blocking that keeps us stuck in self-sabotage, poor behavior, and ultimately will keep us from the joy and abundant life we are meant to have.

Is there a conversation you need to have? Maybe it is beyond possible. Is there even something ceremonious that you might do to bless and release a wrong done to you and show grace to a person who wronged you, but most importantly show grace to YOURSELF?

I know I have written things down and burned them, thrown things into the ocean, and even buried a note to forgive when I couldn’t have the conversation.

Forgiveness is not that hard. It can be attained. It is meant for YOU. With it comes peace, joy, freedom, and abundant life.

Corrie Ten Boom wrote of coming face to face with one of her prison guards after the war. She and her beloved sister Betsy were imprisoned for harboring Jews as told in The Hiding Place. Her captor asked for forgiveness. She was so angry as her sister had died at the hands of their captors. She had an internal conversation with God and asked Him to help her love and forgive through her as she couldn’t do it alone.

In an act of obedience, she extended her hand to that of her captors. She felt a love that she hadn’t ever felt surge through her as she literally was able to forgive and love again.

If Corrie could forgive with her broken heart from the loss of her sister and torture and imprisonment, so can I.

May I extend forgiveness and grace always and walk in the freedom and abundance meant for me.

I wish it for you as well.

Love always,


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