Hello Wellness Friends!

Our paths have crossed over the last ten years.  Some of you have been long time friends, some of you are new friends.  Many of you have watched me on my journey as I worked to transform my home into a healthy home.


You know it hasn’t been pretty.  In fact, it’s been downright tragic.


I love people.  No one should suffer the way my husband did.  My children and I suffered tremendously as we watched John deteriorate and die.  I determined along the journey of John’s illness and death to make something good from something horrific. 


  • I mentored under a world class PHD wellness expert.
  • I was trained my a world class chemist with two PHDs who is an Ayurvedic Master.  I worked in his lab and was trained in energy and its effects on the human body.
  • I became an Ayurvedic Specialist.
  • I dove headfirst into essential oils an their benefits seeing incredible results for my family.
  • I enrolled in a Naturopathic Doctor program.
  • I started my own business in 2015.  As word got out that people were having tangible results when working with me, more and more referred others to me.
  • I educated people to their well being based on the design and function of the human body.
  • I began a Private Membership Community educating members in my Restoration Room and virtually.
  • I have enjoyed consulting for executives and businesses for their own personal growth and health, and also the same for their employees.  My extensive business support network has partnered with businesses causing tremendous growth over the last year while the executives maintained peace and great health.  2020 and beyond has changed the way I coach and assist companies be the best in what they do.  


WHEW!  What a journey this has been!  It is all for my good, for the good of my kids, and for the good of those who work with me in my community.

What I am learning recently is not to…


I am learning to do my part, but to allow things to come in as they are supposed to.

Have you ever had messages from Facebook, multiple emails, texts, and phone messages begin to pile up?  I do not like when this happens.  Many of you are reaching out to me daily.  I can get backlogged.  I am sorry if I owe you a response!  It is coming soon.

I began to think of a way to help people with better intention and be able to help those who begin with our membership to come to the table with the basics covered.  This helps speed up the process when coming to meet with me.  These basics will also answer many of the questions most people who contact me want to know.  

So, I am releasing…



The 15 Things Most People Who Want to be Healthy Do NOT Do


Every textbook I read has some element of these in it.  The Basics are CRUCIAL to LONG LIFE and LONGEVITY.  They have transformed the health in our home.  Ten years and ZERO sick visits!  We work it!  We LIVE it!  YOU can transform YOUR home and family, too!

Do you want to know about The Basics?  In order to serve you better, I launched my YouTube channel.  Each month I will adding two segments specifically designed to help me, help you.  Please click the YouTube logo below.  And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel so you will automatically get video updates as they come out.

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Lastly, I would really LOVE the opportunity to connect soon.  Schedule a call with me today.

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It is a TREASURE knowing YOU and having met you on this journey!  I will pledge to always help YOU…


Change Your Mind | Change Your Health | Change Your Life





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