You are designed to function optimally on qualified carbs.

Restricting carbs places your body in emergency mode.

Restricting carbohydrates in your diet is dangerous to your thyroid health.

This is so well known and researched that it’s discussed in most old school physiology textbooks.

Without adequate carbohydrates in your diet bad things happen including…

*Your body over-produces cortisol, blocking your liver from converting T4 into T3.

*Your liver can’t detoxify estrogen, directly blocking your thyroid gland.

*Estrogen and cortisol are the two primary factors that make you susceptible to yeast overgrowth.

In other words, restricting carbohydrates….

*Further increases estrogen and cortisol levels, which…

*Furthers suppresses your secretory IgA production, which…

*Further lowers your immunity…

My newest Private Community Member has been educated to live by the design and function of her body. She chose to put these principles into practice.

In two weeks she has…

*Never been hungry

*Eaten for the design and function of her body.

*Has increased energy

*Has better mood


She is FLOODING her body with qualified nutrition. The body is doing the rest as she lives on it!

This is easily possible! For ALL!

Change Your Mind
Change Your Health
Change Your Life

Love and wellness,


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